Does your site need SEO?

SEO is short for “search engine optimisation.” To put it simply, SEO is any action taken that is meant to better optimize or improve your website’s performance in organic search results. The end goal of SEO is usually to get a website to rank in the #1 spot on search engines like Google, or at least on the first page.

More and more businesses are selling online every day, and competition is getting harder for everyone. SEO has emerged as a way to tell search engines which websites and online stores deserve the valuable attention of shoppers and searchers. Without SEO, Google might rank stores that no one shops at in the very top spot of search results!

SEO is made up of a lot of smaller components, including keyword and keyphrase optimization, link building, content marketing, and more. It also involves some extensive research to determine what actions need taken on websites, and where specifically to take them. We’ll be exploring a few of these specific SEO services a little further down this page.

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Is your site Mobile/Tablet Friendly? 10 reasons why it’s important!

There are a number factors that affect your website ranking within search engine results, none more so than if its “mobile friendly” or not. So to help you understand why its important to have a mobile friendly website we’ve listed the top 10 most important things that Google considers when ranking your site based on mobile friendliness.

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